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The ProdHealth Team

John Dieser

CEO / Founder
John Dieser is founder and CEO of ProdHealth. John brings with him a career of experience in healthcare investing at two prominent...READ MORE

Michael Laing

Chief Operating Officer
Michael Laing the Head of West Coast Development for ProdHealth. He has a Bachelor's in Science in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology, where he graduated...READ MORE

Maria Dieser

Health Coach & Content Lead
Maria, a Long Island native, now resides in Bethlehem, PA after a career of dance and fitness in NYC and Long Island. Maria received...READ MORE

Mark Reid

Chief Marketing Officer
Mark Reid is the Chief Marketing Officer of ProdHealth. Mark brings 15 years of experience of marketing in the agricultural...READ MORE

Katy Waters

Director of Sustainability
Katy is passionate about finding solutions that integrate social, economic, and environmental systems to improve the quality of...READ MORE

ProdHealth Health Coaches

Walker Barnes

Health Coach & Certified Personal Trainer

Fletcher Barnes

Health Coach & Licensed Yoga Instructor

Lara Valerio

MS, RD, LDN, Dietitian/Nutritionist & Health Coach

ProdHealth Medical Support Team

Dr. Rosemarie Byrd

Medical Contributor
Dr. Rosemarie C. Byrd is a family medicine resident physician at Harbor UCLA, where she focuses on maintaining and restoring health, through...READ MORE

Casey Linke

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
Casey Linke is a board-certified family nurse practitioner and health coach with ProdHealth. She practiced...READ MORE

Kelly Hanan

Registered Dietician

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