Why doesn't fixing your health work like fixing your car?

You don't pay the mechanic for not fixing your car, we want to be your mechanic. ProdH doesn't do Yoyo diets or temporary fixes, we find the causes and help to better navigate today's world of unhealthy convenience. In our ProdH Coach PLUS package, you will only pay upfront for an initial consultation and baseline blood work ($59)- wherever is convenient for you. After that, you only incur charges when health achievments are made, and at that point you only ever pay $59 monthly towards your balance. That's it. $59 per month to get rid of meds, feel better and add healthy years to life!

ProdHealth Coach PLUS
All our digital tools and expertise, PLUS our value based model of transforming your life. We got one chance here, lets make it our best. Pay for blood work and consult and then nothing else until health improvements are made! Even then, only ever pay $59/ month towards your balance of health achievements. Use Company code BPRKYR
$59/blood work and consult
  • Platform Access
  • Wearable Device Integration
  • Recipes and Dietary Recommendations
  • Digital & TeleHealth Consulting
  • Live Support
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