Improve your business by improving your people and your financials

What we offer your business is health coaching for your employees. We're all about intercepting chronic illness before it climbs up the cost ladder. Our app and health coaches make it easy for your employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which keeps your healthcare costs down.

Give us a shot, its free! We think you will be surprised with your employees engagement in a program like ours.

Health Coaching for Teams

Plans to offer your employees a better lifestyle.


The employer that signs up on PPPM platform and knows what they are paying for. There are no surprises here, well we shouldn’t say that. There will be a lot of surprises in your health outcomes but no surprises from unknown costs. You determine how many lab kits you will sponsor for each participant that signs up and from there on…..no cost surprises. Each participant on the platform is $36/mo and is evaluated every 3 months to determine continued participation. The rest of the work is up to us, you just have to sit back and enjoy an happier, healthier and less costly workforce. Billing happens at the end of every month and is determines by processed lab kits and enrolled participants.

Value Based

Is value based worth it? You tell us. We can enter into contract and you literally could not pay us for an entire year. And when you do pay us for our services, it is AFTER we have made improvements in the health ad happiness of your employees which carries with it hard and cost savings that you would otherwise never see. We will give you engagement and improvement updates as often as you would like so you are never caught off gaurd. Still skeptical? Thats only because it involves healthcare and that it makes sense. You no longer have to pay for healthcare related costs that don’t make sense. Join the movement of true value based care and taking the hospital table to the kitchen table. Interested in this plan?  Contact us today.

Chronic Risk Analysis

No commitments, just a one time opportunity to collect health data that could potentially be the biggest drain at your firm. The hard and soft costs that come from chronic illness stem far wider than monthly Rx costs. The damage that chronic illness can do internally to and employee-base is completely preventable, if you know that it exists n the first place. Order convenient at-home lab kits for your employees and receive an encrypted but detailed analysis of the exposure you have to chronic illness costs. This will give you the ability to make a educated decision on where to seek optimization in your workforce (it starts with their health).

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