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Shop or join with any of our affiliates for great deals just for being a ProdHealth Member!

Check out some of the awesome deals from our partners and affiliates who want to help you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Check back frequently, as we're always finding new partners who want to help you succeed!


When you sign up at barreform, just let them know you are a ProdHealth user and you can use your ProdH Pockets to purchase 2 classes per month. Now that’s a deal! Fellas, if you think Pilates is not for you, try a megaformer class! I will do it with you. And if you want to get a nice sweat in, indoor cycling is it! Lets make it fun, let me know if we can get some groups together.

SFG Serratelli Financial Group

ProdHealth is proud to announce its partnership with Serratelli Financial Group, which has committed to work with ProdH members to get best available market rates for term life insurance as a reward for making the commitment to become happier and healthier individuals. You are making the commitment to become healthier for your family, so you should also have the opportunity to obtain the proper amount of coverage to your family if ever needed. Use your ProdH Pocket monthly reward to find a plan that allows you to cover your family at no additional cost.

Contact Sports Soap

Think about it – we take probiotics to help boost the health of our gut following antibiotics and poor dietary or lifestyle choices. Our skin is the largest organ on or in our bodies, and we expose it and clean it all day, every day – why wouldn’t we introduce probiotics to our skin? Well, now we can with Contact Sports Soap. Use your ProdH Pockets to purchase your favorite scent and get those good bacteria back onto our skin!

Athletic Brewing Co.

We work hard, so we play hard, but when we play hard, we hurt hard. For those ProdH users that really enjoy a cold beer at the end of a long work day, we got you. We are beyond excited to offer Athletic Brewing beverages, to give us our craft brew taste without the added calories, dehydration effects and oxidative stress that alcohol brings with it. Try replacing your weekday beers with some AB brews, and start down the road of a happier and healthier life! Cheers!


Sometimes, even with ProdHealth, life gets in the way of eating healthy. We all have bad days at work and the last thing we want to do is cook dinner. Well, now ProdH users have Veestro. Use your monthly ProdH Pocket rewards and our partnership discount and we get the meal cost below $7 per plate……can’t beat that! It is entirely plant based, prepared with care and waiting in your freezer for you to heat up and enjoy!


I’m sure as you Google’d your way around “plant based” or “vegan” eating, you came across many sites saying that vegans are malnourished and dying, Well, it’s the opposite, we are thriving! And with Holier, the confusion is gone. These vitamins and minerals are all essential, and should probably be supplemented for those who eat the Standard American Diet. Use your ProdH Pocket rewards to purchase these and remove all the concern and confusion about your powerful new way of eating.


We are excited to offer our members discounted Fitbit devices through our affiliate partnership using their ProdH Pocket dollars. 2 months of rewards and you have a Fitbit device feeding your interactive ProdH Platform with no out of pocket expenses!


For those ProdHealth members that need a little more protein packed into their day, we are proud to announce our partnership with Just Be Natural, Inc. (www.jbn.com)This family run business has expanded their top notch offerings into the Veggie/greens arena, and we are hopping on board! Whether its post workout, part of your daily routine or you want a little extra reassurance that you are getting enough protein on your new diet, then Earth Superior is for you – without the stress of dairy on our guts. Also, Ultra Greens is the perfect compliment to your smoothie game! Use your ProdH Pocket rewards to purchase these items at a discount!

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