ProdHealth Stories: Vincent Casilio

I started working with ProdHealth in February 2020. I had started a hard training regimen for climbing in the fall of 2019, but I had not been able to stay with it. I thought it was mostly due to my long work hours, averaging 55-60 hours in a five day work week in construction. I had very little energy to train after long work days. I also assumed I was healthy, being athletic my whole life, not overweight, and being active every weekend on top of having a physically demanding job. I had a huge awakening the first time I got my bloodwork done. My cholesterol was very high, and my primary care physician discussed medications if it got any higher. In stepped my health coach John from ProdHealth.

John recommended one major change in my diet, along with a few minor adjustments. He shared easy recipes to help get me started, along with patience and guidance. He offered to go shopping with me, and kept me updated on the latest deals at the grocery store. I quickly was able to form new, healthy eating habits with his help. The results were almost immediate, 2 weeks later I was able to put in hard training sessions even after grueling, hard days at work. And even more impressive was how fast I recovered, being able to train hard 2-3 times during the week on top of working 55-60 hours. The improvements in my climbing came almost just as fast, climbing the hardest route I have ever done just 2 months after starting with ProdHealth! The gains just kept coming, all summer into fall I kept climbing harder and harder, even as my hours at work increased!

The most amazing part was still yet to come though, and when John and I did my second bloodwork in August I was blown away. My total cholesterol dropped from 195 to 131, and my LDL from 106 to 78 in just 6 months! A third test in September revealed that those numbers kept dropping, with total cholesterol down to 128 and LDL down to 62! My doctor was thoroughly impressed and is no longer considering medication for me. I’m still training hard and climbing stronger than ever thanks to John and the team at ProdHealth. All I can say is that at 36 years old I am stronger and healthier than I ever have been my entire life! I also now have the tools to stay that way and continue to climb and ski stronger than ever for many decades to come!

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