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Improve your health without the waiting room.

Convenient At-Home Lab Kit and Digital App

ProdHealth coaches and healthcare professionals are fully virtual and proactively provide care whenever and wherever our users need it. Our technology-enabled approach provides a safe transition to take back control of your health.

Personalized Plant Based Nutrition Strategy

ProdHealth’s plant forward and holistic approach targets the root causes of chronic health complications. You don’t only relieve the symptoms, you reverse the reasons they entered your life in the first place. We align with first-line therapies recommended by the American Diabetes Association, Centers for Disease and Control as well as the World Health Organization and individualize treatment for each person.

Steps to reducing your chronic disease risk.....

Step 1

Order a ProdHealth Lab Kit.
CLICK HERE to order yours.

Step 2

Download the ProdHealth App and view your Lab results.

Step 3

Work with your healthcare team to create a personalized plan.

Step 4

improve your health while protecting the planet!

Order a ProdHealth At-Home Lab Kit and get on your way to a healthier life.

*If you would like any of these markers as an individual test, please reach out to info@prodhealth.com for pricing

  • Family genes...

    "I wasn't happy with my labs, but was not surprised either. I thought all the same problems just ran in my families genes. I was in shock when I spoke to my health coach. I jumped into a coaching program and now I am helping my family members too!"

  • The perfect solution...

    "Prodhealth is the perfect solution to put my health first. Instead of sitting in waiting rooms, a lab kit is sent to me. Also, I am able to share all my day to day information through the Prodhealth app. My coach knows me and understands what I need to succeed!"

  • So simple...

    "Wow. I just got my lab work back and it was SO SIMPLE. I am blown away. You guys truly kick ass. Thanks for being so awesome. Excited to work with Maria!”

  • Slowly falling apart...

    "I was scared of slowly falling apart in the upcoming years, I am 42 right now. I wanted to get on top of my health and ProdHealth makes it so easy! I am on the 3 month coaching program right now and love it. I got my first lab kit results back and know what I need to work on. Excited to see how my health markers change over time."

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